Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Waiting Game

I am playing the waiting game, now. My trip to Philadelphia is coming up in about a week and a half. A week later, I fly to Scranton, PA for a few days of work and then I fly back home just long enough to switch luggage at home and return to the airport to head out to Utah for my ski trip...which we just added a day to!

I washed my kilt and won a free beer or two in a bet when I get to Philly. I love it when St. Louis teams beat Philly teams. It is especially fulfilling when the loser's fan has to buy the first round. We have a trip to my the brewery of one of my favorite beers planned for the first day, a concert that night and the festival the rest of the weekend. It's soooo close. Come on, Next Friday!

I am trying my best to stay focused, but the closer it gets to my trips, the harder it is. I took my skis to the one shop in St. Louis that actually tunes skis. I pick them up tomorrow. I have been watching ski videos and downloading music that I will listen to while skiing. I may actually have to go purchase an iPhone before the trip with some of the money I am going to be getting from an unexpected raise that I just received (retroactive to last July...33 weeks of back pay!!!!). The iPhone will allow me to have a 2-way radio, phone and MP3 player all hooked up to the speakers that are installed in my ski helmet. That way I can keep in contact with the guys on the slopes, listen to my music and receive any phone calls that may come through.

I will leave you all with a photo that I took three years ago (i think...it might have been two).
Sorry for the lack of quality. I took it with my cell phone. What did we ever do before camera phones?

This is proof that God prefers skiers to snowboarders. :P


Blogger Tracie said...

Dude. That is an awesome photo! I still want to learn to board but I'll always be a skier first.

11:15 AM  
Blogger Larry said...

It was like a frozen mist that day. It wasn't quite snowing, but it wasn't quite foggy, either. And, the sun was shining down through it all. I just happened to stop in the perfect spot and look over. Whoever that person was was stopped, too, and from my perspective it looked like a ray of light was bathing them. If I would have stopped a few feet further in any direction that ray of light would have been at a completely different spot. It was pretty cool.

1:38 PM  

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