Wednesday, February 04, 2009

You'd Think I Would Know Better

Last night I went to play hockey with a friend of mine that I really hadn't seen much of since high school. I ran into him a few weeks ago when I was at the local Home Depot picking up materials to build a closet. We caught up at the store and he invited me out to play with his group of friends. They have some ice time every week at one of the outdoor rinks. I couldn't go last week because of a huge snowstorm that forced me to work massive hours and get very little sleep. This week, however, I was free to go.

When I showed up, my friend wasn't there yet. I introduced myself around, met one of his many brothers that I did not know and found out that his older brother (who was also a friend of mine that I hadn't seen since we graduated high school 13 years ago) was in town and going to be playing. So, I got dressed out, stretched out, and ready to play. My two friends came in and we caught up a little bit, then went outside...

I forgot how flippin cold 10 degrees and windy could be. I also forgot to bring any insulated undergarments. It was bitter. Any part of my body that was only covered by a jersey, socks or helmet and no other padding, was bright red and numb for several hours afterward. With all of the snow removal, skiing and past outdoor winter surveillances that I have been involved in, you would think that I would know better than to be caught out in that sort of cold with no insulation. Hopefully, next week, I will remember to pack some more clothes in my hockey bag.

On a side note, it has been about 15 years since I have had ice form on my face while playing hockey. When I reached up to touch my beard it was caked in ice. Brought back a lot of good memories from my youth.


Anonymous mark said...

yeah, i bet touching your beard that was covered in ice really reminded you of being 10 again.

8:01 PM  
Blogger Larry said...

Smart ass. I meant that the last time I had ice on my face after playing hockey was in high school, when we had to practice on the same rink. Back then, it hung from my eye brows and nose.

4:44 AM  

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