Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Curse Continues

Check back tomorrow for details, as I just found out about a certain event as I am getting ready to leave for work tonight.

Monday, January 16, 2006


Hello, to everyone who still checks this page. I just returned from my trip to Steamboat Ski Resort and have a bit of a post for you all. Since August, when I paid for my room and lift tickets I have been looking forward to this trip and now that it is done I have another 50 weeks to wait for my next ski trip. However, I have a few friends who are going to be going next year and am hoping to wrangle a few more before this coming August when reservations are to be made again. I normally take this trip with my Dad and youngest brother and hope to grow it into a bigger group of people for the coming years. Not much happened in the way of excitement on the trip, even though it is the slow season, there are normally a lot of people there. This year most of the other skiers were middle aged people from Texas ski clubs, because the Texas ski council was having it's big annual trip. We would get up in the morning, ski all day and go back to the condo at night. A few nights were spent either in downtown Steamboat Springs, or in the resort square at bars, unfortunately, I have no good stories from any of those nights. However, I do have a lot of pictures, so here are a few.

This is the Rabbit Ears Pass just east of Steamboat. These trees were only about 15 feet away. It was a very rough drive in the higher elevations that day. Made for great skiing on Monday.

This is the mountain on Sunday, as seen from downtown. What you are seeing as the top of the mountain is only the middle of it. It doubles it's height into the clouds. Which is the storm we drove through.

This mountain is known as "The Sleeping Giant". To the left is his head and to the right is his feet. While in lessons one of the women asked how we knew it was a man, when the instructor and I were talking about it. The instructor wouldn't answer, so it was up to me to point out the lack of feminine qualities and the beer gut. Hope you all can tell from the picture, I know these are kinda small.

Here, my brother and I were going up to the top of the mountain. 3 of the 5 days were perfect like this one. And on 2 of those as well as one of the cloudy days, there was fresh "Champagne Powder" on most of the mountain. It was a great trip.


Thanks Duff

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Anyway, I hope it is not this long between posts again, but with the way life is going, you never know.