Thursday, April 24, 2008

I knew I Was Crazy, Now I Know I Can Blame Subway

Watch this video. It will explain everything very clearly.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Colors, School and Baseball Loving Physicists

Callie, I am okay. I have been sick for most of the last week, but that doesn't normally slow me down too much. School and some other issues have kept me away from my computer for the last few weeks, except to do school work of course.

As for the last few weeks of color posts, I'm out. I have not been able to come up with anything creative or in the least bit original and believe I will not subject any of you to any forced posts. Just like forced conversation, they are very uncomfortable, and you would be able to tell I didn't really care. I will continue monitoring colors and when I have something for one of them, I will definitely post on it.

As for baseball loving physicists, well, here goes. On Tuesday, my friend called me and asked if I wanted to go to the Cardinals game with him. The new woman he is dating, was going with one of her friends and had asked him to pick up a ticket and meet them down there. Being an awesome wingman, I skipped my History of Rock and Roll class and headed down to the stadium for some beer fueled fun. When we arrived, we met the two young ladies at a bar down the road from the stadium, had a beer and those of us who didn't know each other, got aquainted. After that we headed over to the ballpark and into our bleacher seats, where we were joined by the two lovely...stowaways?...they didn't have bleacher tickets. We had to split up into groups of two. My friend and his date went their seperate way and her friend and I got to know each other better for a few innings until four seats opened up together a few rows further up from us.

When that happened the four people behind us ended up all be PhD students in Physics, all from different parts of the country/world, in town for a conference. Me, not wanting St. Louis to be portrayed as an antisocial sort of town, started conversing with them. Turns out one of them was a north-sider from Chicago. No wonder he kept claiming, "I'm not a Cardinal fan, I just love baseball." Well, sir you have to love baseball to continue to put yourself through the hell that it is to be a Cubs fan. Oops, forgot to set the scene. The young woman I had been conversing with, was no longer sitting next to me, as she had wanted to sit by her friend when they moved next to us and I ended up sitting next to mine. So, back to the story. A few innings after the move the daters went off on their merry way to, I don't know, buy beer, hit the head, make fun of the stumbling drunks in Ford Plaza? Which again left the friend and I alone. At this point, she is very into the game and had moved up a row when the people in front of us left (it was getting cold). So, I continued to converse with the physicists, they were there more for the "cheap" beer (at $8 a cup this didn't make any sense to me, but come to find out that in LA/Geneva, Switzerland and several other towns I can't remember, it is much more expensive to drink. God bless you, Anheiser-Busch, for driving down beer prices in St. Louis) than to watch the game. Think about it, the Cubs fan was watching the Cards whoop up on someone else. Can't be very satisfying (for him, made me enjoy it even more). We kept BSing about different things. When my two friends returned, the woman asked if I had been talking to the physicists the whole time and why I hadn't talked to her friend. I was like, "What, you mean your friend who has been sitting up there (pointing to the row in front of me) actually paying attention to the game? She has been more than welcome to join into the conversation. I just figured I would leave her to the game, she seemed fine."

At this point one of the physicists points out that, even though he only "flirts with one woman a year" he would have chosen this one, because, "where's she gonna go?" My response, "Yeah, but the problem is you have to build your woman before you can talk to her, cuz, I know you don't talk to real women. I've seen Weird Science." Drunken physicists loved that one. One of them even told me he was going to use it next time one of his friends started talking about women. It was a fun night. I love the bleachers at Busch. I hadn't sat in them since I was about 10 years old. I think I will make it a more common occurance.