Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Good Week And It's Only Tuesday

This morning I got up and went in to my new place of employment to fill out some paperwork, take a drug test and schedule a physical. Oh yeah, and accept the position. I start in a little less than two weeks. I can't wait to get out of the drain business.

Next, I spent the rest of the day and part of the evening in court. I still love getting to testify to great video I shot at my old P.I. gig. Myself and another investigator got great tape of the claimant doing things that they weren't supposed to. After we both testified and showed the videotape, I happened to overhear what sort of settlement they were looking at. I found out that sometimes, even after I quit, my old job can still be fulfilling. The claimant is definitely going to have to earn a living from here on out. And, I earned a bit of money myself, as they have to pay for my time. Another plus.

After court, I went home called Big Joe, Lindsay and the Steph and we all went out to dinner. Then, we went bowling. After not bowling for about 10 years(and rarely bowling before that), Big Joe, Lindsay and I have gone out for the last two weeks. Tonight marked the third time. My highest game ever was something like 140(my average is probably closer to 90). Last week I learned how to put some spin on the ball. This week I carried over the knowledge and started honing the skill. I bowled a 172! Hell, the Steph, who probably hadn't bowled in at least 10 years rolled a 130. Next week I hope to break 200. I know it's a lofty goal for one week worth of improvement. But, I think I have the spin figured out and now it is more a matter of consistency, execution, and finding the right balls. I used a 14 pound ball for most of the frames and an 11 pounder to clean up. It seemed to work out very well.

Tomorrow, I have the dentist to look forward to. So, I hope the news is good, or it will totally kill the buzz I've got going here. Even if it isn't very good news, at least I'll have hockey tomorrow night to take the edge off.

Monday, June 26, 2006

The Goal

I went to the dentist on Tuesday, last week, and got a lot of work done. But, at the moment I have temporary braces on my upper front teeth, to hold them still and the tooth that got broken off is still jagged.

Last night I had another game. This time I scored a highlight reel goal. And, I want to know, where are the cameras when you need them? This goal was definitely the prettiest goal I am ever going to score, I am a defenseman by trade and have no scoring touch to speak of. On the scoresheet it just shows an unassisted goal to make the score something like 8-0. I picked up an errant pass out of the other teams' zone, skated past 3 guys(about 6 moves involved here), got tripped as I got close to the goal line about 4 feet wide of the net, and put it in as I was floating parallel to the ice. I hate playing with my new face cage, but if I play like this I may well have to consider liking the damn thing.

Anyhow, it might not be that exciting to most of you, but I felt I had to share.

Monday, June 19, 2006

The Real One, Damnit

First, let me apologize to any of you who are still checking this site, for not posting in close to two months. Nothing all that post worthy has happened. However, sometime this week-reason for not being sure of date or time, coming shortly- I have an interview for a new job. The drain thing just isn't paying what it was supposed to, for numerous reasons. All of which are out of my control.

Okay, now on to the reason for this post. As all of you know, I love hockey. Watching, playing, even walking into a rink and getting a whiff of that ice(yes, it has a smell). For some reason, last night, a sacrifice to the hockey gods was required. Whose shoulders, nay, whose mouth did this burden land upon. Yep, you guessed it. Mine. I lost a second tooth(or most of one) last night and loosened yet another. The bad thing about it is that the one next to it is already mostly fake from a previous hockey incident. Now both my front teeth are going to be fake. And who knows what they are going to be able to do with the canine that is loose.

I don't know why they make dental insurance, when they make it impossible to use. After spending all morning on the phone and online trying to get into an insured office I gave up and called one of my old coaches. Who happens to be a dentist and should give me a cheap price. Tomorrow my teeth should be back to their regular state, and then on to an interview.